This is the maximum stress of color states and options of forms, sharp change of emotional moods that always brings the color into reality... And that's why the color sounds, shines so much in its own effervescent ebullition, expanding of faceted planes, in a rush of combinations – like a brilliant musical overture to the coming action and happiness. Pictures of the series "Dresses" are subtly classical, but they are both modernistic and contemporary in the spirit of understanding the tasks of depiction. In such a case one has an unconscious recollection of truly cosmopolitan-scale painter Tamara Lempicka. Her style is a French Late Cubism, influenced by Surrealist metaphysics, as well as a clear faceted picture, dummy puppet of characters, but at the same time an American extent, futuristic pathos and ... a little aching sadness of stylish beautiful woman in her overall enthusiastic and energetic picture of the world. Such feelings – such a stress of the sweets of life and some lyricism – are generated by painting by Tatyana Ramus».


Dmitriy Korsun, The Institute of Contemporary Art