ARTRAMUS is a young universal trade mark of designer women’s clothes and accessories and interior items.

Trade mark was founded in 2012 year by popular TV-presenter and journalist, Ukrainian public figure Tatiana Ramus in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.

The history of ARTRAMUS brand has begun in 2012. Tatiana Ramus, the founder of the brand, was being passionate about the art and actively travelling around the world, studying the fine arts in various countries - the USA, Italy, Greece, Great Britain. Tatiana’s art studios can be found around the world.

Татьяна Рамус

As a result of the creative process, the first series of Tatiana's works of art named “Dresses” appeared. The concept of the artworks was a reflection of Tatiana's previous television experience, as a journalist and a TV presenter. The experience of professional communication with leading figures, world celebrities and extraordinary personalities such as Ornella Muti, Juliette Binoche, Gina Davis, gave the initial creative start and inspiration for Tatiana.

Through their images mediated on the artworks Tatiana reflects on the diverse sides of women’s nature and their embodiment. Tatiana thinks about the purpose and result of their life. Her artworks become an authorial symbolic reinterpretation of these female images. 

In 2015 in Basel (Switzerland) Tatiana Ramus was the only Ukrainian artist to present Ukraine on the world-famous fair of contemporary art named Art Basel, where in the Barbarian Art Gallery (Zurich) pavilion, at the second most important venue - the SCOPE fair, the series of works "Dresses" (paintings, written in oil, and two sculptures – made from ceramics and liquid acryl using aerography) was presented.   

In the creative process, Tatiana's paintings from the Dresses series were transformed into designer prints on fabric.

The new creativity direction was spontaneous, although encouraged by attention and active feedback of the female audience of Tatiana's Instagram account, as well as by personal meetings during numerous trips. ARTRAMUS designer prints on fabric for the production of accessories unexpectedly caused a wave of increased attention and interest. Orders were received from all over the world and thus the author's creative imagination found its material embodiment.

People liked the idea of clothes which are a part of the art concept and this inspired the founder of the brand to move forward and develop this direction. This gave birth to the first designer collection ARTRAMUS. It was a collection of pajamas, successfully recognized by a grateful audience, who unexpectedly found them a universal use in everyday life.

Thus, it is women themselves who have determined the way for the further development of the creator and the brand as a whole. Thanks to these women, it became clear what exactly has to be developed and what should be done for them in the future.

Further author's creative search found its embodiment in sculptures based on paintings, as well as various creative collaborations such as art-dinners and decor of restaurant spaces. The main idea and interest was to transfer the images of Tatiana's paintings to completely different and sometimes unexpected subjects.

At the same time, the line of clothing continued its natural development. The first store, which created a separate corner for ARTRAMUS in its space, was SANAHUNT. The name and authority of this multibrand store are well known all over the world. It became the starting point for the direct commercialization of the brand.

In the process, the increased volumes of Tatiana's designer collection demanded an individual author space. As a result, in 2015, ARTRAMUS ART-CONCEPT SPACE was solemnly opened in the very center of the capital of Ukraine - Kiev, having naturally united a multitude of incarnations of the brand within its walls. Such an innovative concept of combining Art & Fashion in a single space was warmly recognized and actively supported by the target audienceAfter the art-concept space was opened, the brand ARTRAMUS was presented at Monaco Fashion Week, at a similar event in Dubai, as well as at numerous show-rooms in Europe and the USA. This experience has clearly demonstrated the relevance of the brand in various countries of the world.